We don’t care what you do, just why you do it.


A community of thought leaders taking a stand for humanity and inspiring others to do the same. The Proof is a journey of discovery and expression that will impact and transform other minds. For some, this stretch may be a little out of their comfort zone. We will ask questions and go through exercises to challenge thoughts designed to dig into the core belief and inspiration that drives why people do what they do. The Proof is a witness, a stake in humanity for what humans stand for and what they are doing to elevate the planet that we share. Dan and Stacey Lievens are guardians of your vision, on a stage they built, for the sole purpose of helping people share the why behind the what.

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Meet Dan Lievens

Founder, Thought Leader, Visionary, Human

Dan Lievens is a Business Consultant with 20 years of hands-on experience with early stage companies. Dan is known as an expert at bringing business and technical worlds together in a variety of industries including telecommunications, legal, restaurants, retail, real estate and health and wellness. As a Managing Partner at HeadRoom, a co-working facility and incubator, he provides Small Businesses and Start-ups the resources they require to take a quantum leap forward. Having worked hands-on with entrepreneurs, his frustration at the noisy world of marketing prompted him to come up with a solution to amplify the cause of those who chose to advance humanity .

“I don’t care what you do, I want to know why you do it”, confesses Lievens.

Hence The Proof was born.


Meet Stacey Lievens

Co-Founder & Champion for Individual Expression

Stacey Lievens has spent her three decade career as a Master Craftsman Photographer amplifying the unique qualities of humankind. A Southern California native, Stacey brings a nurturing skill set to the Proof and honors the deep core of each soul. Her artistic point of view has attracted many online entrepreneurs and influencers to trust her guidance in creating brilliant brand stories. The same passion she has for her career, has translated to the creation of programs that honor the teenage spirit. By giving teens the platform to proclaim what their soul stands for, has positioned them as peer mentors and transformed a community. Stacey is thrilled to bring her drive for inspiring humanity to the east coast.

“Everyone deserves an opportunity to share their soul and be heard in full gratitude. ”