Discover your unique why
& Deliver your signature talk
Amplify your mission and grow your business


During your speaker journey, you’ll go on a transformational process to discover your unique WHY. This experience distills your message into a powerful 3 minute talk designed to captivate and connect to your audience.


Declare and deliver your signature talk on The Proof Stage in front of a live audience. Receive delivery and stage training to support you as you declare your why to the world.


Amplify you message through our Proof Portal and online community. We’ll share your talk across our channels.  Be part of a growing community of thought leaders.


Grow your audience and re-engage your followers with a suite of powerful resources; your Proof has lasting legacy that resonates. Make that makes your message heard. Live into your vision. Create impact. Grow your business.  


3 minutes. One stage. Proof Positive.

Who is this for?

  • Someone who knows they have a powerful message that gets to be heard and seen

  • Business owner looking for clarity in messaging.

  • Entrepreneurs who are looking for a shift and up-level marketing.

Who is this not for?

  • If you believe that being vulnerable and authentic in front of the world won’t help your business, belief, or purpose.

  • Experienced speaker not open to up-leveling or pivoting.

  • “I’m just about leveraging a new tribe to sell my business.”


What resources will I receive?

  • Signature Proof Talk recording from live stage

  • Recorded Deep Dive Interview to grow your business

  • Signature B&W portrait session

  • Social media trailer to promote your Proof Talk

  • Be featured on our online hub of inspiration—The Proof Portal

  • Be featured on The Proof Podcast.

What will I experience?

  • A transformational process of discovering your why

  • Develop concise messaging with our signature process

  • Deliver your talk at a live event

  • A connective community of thought-leaders

  • Concierge treatment and travel