Erin Burch

The Offramp of Panic


Erin Burch, known by her clients as “The Body Whisperer” is a pioneer and visionary and founder of The Burch Method. Her signature system has created un-dreamt-of results not only for herself, but countless of her clients who have regained hope, ease, and a return of performance in what they love to do. Her background as a physical therapist and yoga instructor prepared her to discover the “Hidden Design” of the body during her own “inside-out” healing journey. In her 40 years of working to restore people to better-than-their-former selves, she had treated celebrities, professional athletes and rock&roll icons and people from all walks of life.

Erin Burch, PT, is fascinated by what it takes to be the most amazing human being possible and to realize our potential from every perspective. She is compelled to explore the truth of our cultural paradigms about pain and aging because of the deep research she’s done for the past 26 years to reverse an “irreversible” condition in her own body, caused by aggressive scar tissue that threatened to leave her in constant pain, unable to walk with a crippling future.

We’ve all had pain… it’s a part of life... and we’re getting older each moment, chronologically, but do we have the suffer the disability and indignity that we associate with these inevitabilities? From her unique perspective, Erin Burch has developed The Burch Method, a premier bodywork system that negotiates pain and aging and promises outcomes that defy expectations.

Clients from the east and west coast, as well as Hollywood A-List Actors, Professional Athletes, Rock&Roll icons and network executives have found relief from the rigors of pain and aging from Erin’s signature system. She is taking her work global and is committed to breaking the belief barriers we all have about what’s possible for the full expression of our later life outcomes.

Erin enjoys speaking to groups, and igniting the fire to avoid unnecessary pain and problems that are associated with aging. She also enjoys being active and challenging her comfort zone. Her passions include music, hiking, biking, travel, SCUBA diving and rock climbing.

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Read the Proof

There's a joke, but it's also a truism. When you want to make God laugh, Tell her your plans. Which brings me to being here today, because I had a plan. And that plan was to get on a plane, come here, deliver a prepared talk. And I was ready. And I had my talk. And I had written it out and I had practiced it. And then I arrived in Philadelphia. I took the red eye. So I'm kind of bleary, and I got a couple hours of sleep, and I'm kind of discombobulated. Go to my car rental, which always takes a little longer than you think it should, even if you're the only one in the entire place. And I Get into the car, I start driving. I run into the exit, where I spent many years visiting my husband's family.

I'm not prepared for this. It hits me, right here. I have been married for 16 years, What I thought was a good marriage. And my husband came home one day and said it's over 16 years, gone. I was devastated and unresolved. I didn't know it until I got hit here. I couldn't quite figure out why the marriage had failed. Looking back now, I was playing what I call marital Jenga. You know, the game where you stack up the whole structure, and then you withdraw pieces. I had been with trying pieces of the structure, thinking that it would still stand. And it did for a while. But then it collapsed all of a sudden. And I got blindsided by that.

So I came into my dress rehearsal with my talk. And I started to deliver it. And It felt flat. It felt lifeless. Like there was no real juice happening. I can't give that talk. And I'm encouraged by the host of this event. Maybe take a turn. So now I'm blind again. And there's nothing worse than standing up in front of a group of people, not knowing what's going to come out. And I don't know about you, but I like looking good.

But I realized that looking good was subpar to being real. And being real was more important. And I risk being hopelessly human. But that's what I'm here to do is be hopelessly for me, for you, for the people that I serve. What it brings me to is this sense of tension, where we try and we contract, we push and that closes things down.

Versus suspension, which humans fight really hard. But suspension is what I found is our design. And suspension is where stuff gets real. It's where there's space for joy. It's where there's a connection. Because with suspension, we're connected to the big GPS which is the great positioning spirit and allows us to show up in our brilliance and in our authenticity and our genius.

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